New York City Here I Come!!

I am very honored to have my painting “HOT” included in the Pastel Society of America’s 44th annual “Enduring Brilliance” show in New York City.  The show opened on September 6, 2016 and will run though October 1 2016, at the National Arts Club.  It is a very  humbling experience to be a part of this  show with so many fine artists.

There were 1500 submissions and 175 works were accepted, a real privilege to be included!
This show exhibits the  breadth and depth of the pastel medium. Brilliant hues and tonalist pallets are possibilities with pastels.

The painting I am exhibiting, “HOT”, is of a house that is not too far from my home. It is an old building that houses apartments.  This old house has become a muse.  I have painted several paintings in oil and pastel, large and small, with and without figures.  I have more paintings planned!

The model in the doorway of this painting is a young woman who had modeled for me many times.  When we did this photo shoot, she had a vintage clothing shop and she came with several costume changes.  The salmon colored satin gown was a perfect fit for a “hot” afternoon shaded by the doorway.

I hope you enjoy the painting!

"HOT!" Pastel by Judy Richardson

“HOT!” Pastel by Judy Richardson

New Work!

I have been working on some nocturnes and interiors after the amazing workshop that Christine Ivers taught this winter. Chris is a well know East Coast pastelist.  She came West to enjoy the Rogue Valley and teach a class in painting night scenes in pastel.  It was a stimulating workshop and Chris is a wonderful artist who willingly shares her vast knowledge about painting.  I hope you enjoy my new works!

"Colors of the Night"

“Colors of the Night”



"Rough Road Ahead"

“Rough Road Ahead”


Beauty is something that can be experienced no matter where we are or what we are doing. The light shining through a leaf, the steam rolling off of your cup of coffee, the glint of the sun on a child’s hair: these are all things of beauty. As an artist, I am always looking for these moments. When I look with my “artist eyes,” I see the world differently. I see shapes of color and light that work together to make form. My pleasurable task then becomes interpreting these moments for the viewer.